tsunami: (/tsuːˈnɑːmi/ tsoo-NAH-mee).  an arrival or occurrence of something in overwhelming quantities or amounts.  This site is dedicated to understanding the causes and effects of the political tsunami anticipated in the 14th Malaysian General Election in 2018

About the authors

Pan Jing Ming is a long time regional commentator on Asian Pacific affairs, who was a previous Cambridge Commonwealth Scholar and International Peace Scholar. He has won a top graduate essay award in Harvard University in 1998, which was featured in Harvard Asia Quarterly and has published in Harvard International Review too. He has a keen interest in War Studies, Peace Studies, and the combination of the two in Islamic history and civilization.

Mustaqim Abdullah is an avid observer of key democratic trends, and shams, in an increasingly globalized world, both in the digital and physical form. He has an interest in understanding the threat of pandemics like SARS, or MESARS, having reported, and witnessed it first hand, in Hong Kong in 2003. He was the advisor to the Harvard Project in Asian International Relations in Hong Kong in 1999. He believes Samuel Huntington’s “Clash of Civilizations” should be read together with Any Chua’s “World on Fire.” But Malcolm Gladwell rocks!