Pilihanraya dan Najib: Adakah Tsunami Undi Melayu akan Melanda?

Banyak kertas siasatan diperingkat antarabangsa telah dibuka untuk menyiasat kehilangan wang berjumlah besar ini serta sering dijadikan tajuk di muka hadapan surat khabar antarabangsa – menjadikan orang Melayu “malu” atau “aib” kerana telah menjadi bahan ketawa komuniti antarabangsa.



The ever-present Anwar Ibrahim

I would be struck by how Anwar had directly inspired or otherwise led our society to “think the unthinkable” – not once, but five times over the past 20 years.



Tsunami : Tidak Dapat Dikekang Lagi

Oleh: Mustapha Abdullah

Gempa bumi yang akhirnya menghasilkan tsunami selalunya berlaku tanpa amaran. Tetapi ini tidak di dalam soal pilihanraya – Tsunami Politik selalunya dapat dijangka lebih awal.


Rafizi Ramli: The Tsunami Exponent in Whistle Blowing

Semalam di @invokemalaysia membicarakan kemelut #Felda Saya tak tahu sampai bila masalah Malaysia akan berlarutan tapi tanggungjawab kita kalau tidak boleh lawan dengan tangan, tegur dengan mulut, kalau itu pun tidak boleh, tolak kerosakan di dalam hati.

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The stolen nation: electoral fraud and bribes infect Malaysian poll

By Amanda Hodge
From The Weekend Australian

At a night market on the rural fringe of Selangor — Malaysia’s richest and most populous state — a spring roll seller named Zubidi sums up the prevailing voter sentiment as the country heads towards a bitter and controversial election. “Right now in Malaysia, when the thief enters your house it is the house owner that is charged,” he tells Inquirer.


Cambridge Analytica and Facebook owe M’sians more than an apology

By Nurul Izzah Anwar

From Malaysiakini

The right to personal privacy has been a hallmark of democracy for centuries, and it is also a sacred principle in Islam. It was even narrated in an account of Prophet Muhammad (pbuh) that a man once looked from a room through his door.

His reaction was crisp. Referring to a comb or stick he had in hand, with which he was scratching his head, he said, “If I had known that you were looking at me, I would have poked you in the eye with this!”

This is not so much an “eye for an eye” as affirmed by the Old Testament, but it is a similarly powerful analogy of the importance of not breaching the space, privacy and selfhood of another.

In the case of Cambridge Analytica and its affiliates, private Facebook user data appears to have been illegally obtained, and then furthermore allegedly utilised unethically and illegally.


Cambridge Analytica and the Dark Arts of Voter Manipulation

Click Play to Listen to the fascinating New Yorker Podcast

This week, new stories emerged about how the political consulting firm Cambridge Analytica used data from tens of millions of Facebook profiles to shape Trump’s culture war. Cambridge Analytica is almost wholly owned by the family of Robert Mercer, a billionaire donor with a far-right vision of America. Jane Mayer joins Dorothy Wickenden to discuss how dark money and data mining are being used to influence elections and undermine democracy.


1MDB, Equanimity, Jho Low, Elliot Broidy and Donald Trump all intertwined

Rachel Maddow of MSNBC looks at a bizarre corruption scandal connected to a Donald Trump fundraiser, 1MDB and Jho Low and developments Americans are learning about, suggesting that Robert Mueller’s Trump Russia investigation is far from over. Is 1MDB connected to Donald Trump now?

Also one of the most watched videos on MSNBC Youtube channel this year.


From ‘Puteri Reformasi’ to Princess of Tsunami?

We can only begin to make our society and nation great again when we look upon other children as equally deserving of educational, social and and economic opportunities as our own little munchkins. Here’s to a better future deserving to us all. Greet 2018 with much hope, much love, and much forgiveness. Jadikan masa depan, milik kita. Fi amanillah 😘

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By Pan Jing Ming

Nurul Izzah Anwar (hereon Nurul) began her political career, almost accidentally. Her father, Anwar Ibrahim, was brashly and brazenly detained, and almost instantly, Nurul was transformed. ‘Power corrupts, and absolute power corrupts absolutely,’ went the dictum. The phrase was not just a mere line, but a mirror of her own life, invariably, what the country has has to go through as well.



Rais Hussin BERSATU : Perancang Tsunami



Dr Wan Azizah: Pendamai Ombak Lautan

Bicara Wanita Bersama NGO Negeri Sembilan. #womenempowerment

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The Tsunami Field Marshall: Rais Hussin of Bersatu



A Kamikaze Mission Into Ayer Hitam?

Ini kalilah…jom tukar…✌✌ #bersatu

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By Pan Jing Ming

Giants, if previous Malaysian politics, are any indicators, can be slayed. This applies to Lim Kit Siang, indeed, the late Karpal Singh, as it did to Tan Sri Ghani, the former Chief Minister of Johor.


The Ultimate Tsunami Warner : Mohamad Sabu



Mohamad Sabu: Pemberi Amaran Tsunami Utama